New Release

final cover_redoneThe No Bullsh*t Guide to Writing Erotica and Making Money

This book is the book I wish I had read when I first started on this path to make money writing erotica.

So much of the information out there on writing erotica for money is fantastic. You can’t go wrong with studying up on how all the top writers are doing it. You can pick up any book on how to write sexy erotica. There are scads of books and blogs on how to format, create covers, craft blurbs.

The only thing is that many of the books fall short of critical key areas. It’s like many are afraid to tell you their erotic trade secrets. So many of the fundamental things you need to know to figure out what to write, how to keyword it and what to do to avoid the dreaded dungeon, get left out.

Sure, a lot of it changes quite often. Nothing is static for long in this business. But it’s not the specifics that are key. It’s in how to find that information out, how to analyze it and how to put it to work for you.

How many show you how to find the top sellers? How many give you the tricks and tips to find what keywords work?

That’s what this book tells you, along with some pretty hard kicks in the booty to get you started. It’s not going to blow smoke in your face. It’s going to tell you how to get it done.

Available now in Kindle Unlimited on Amazon.


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