Writer falling down on job

I have confessed this before.

It had been my intention to simply release the first book and let it go at that.

In the meantime, I’ve written two more. Well, written one more and compiled one. Not something I was planning on, but there you go. I did. I wrote and published them.

And I failed to let anyone know about it.

Writer falls down.

Consider this my attempt to make up for it.

Both are now available on Amazon (and free for KU members!):

final cover_2

The No Bullsh*t Guide To Writing Erotica Short Stories

The No Bullsh*t Guide To Writing Erotica Short Stories follows on the heels of The No Bullsh*t Guide To Writing Erotica and Making Money, this time tackling the issue of how to write erotica short stories with minimum muss, fuss, headache and frustration.

In order to make money writing erotica, the writer needs to learn how to capitalize on certain key areas in their writing process. Areas like:

* tearing down faulty assumptions about writing, writing fast and writing to the market
* destroying procrastination
* shifting motivation into high gear
* getting their ideas, stories and workspaces organized
* how to streamline their workflow to maximize time spent at the keyboard
* how to keep the words nasty, hot and constantly flowing

In this guide, I take the reader through the processes that have worked in my erotica writing career, keeping me fleet-footed, nimble and agile to stay in pace with the demands of the voracious erotica reader.

and my writing prompt book:

final cover_3

The No Bullsh*t Guide To Erotica Short Story Prompts (for 31 Days)

A story a day! Who does that?

Writers who love to write. Writers who love to make money writing. That’s who.

Those two things are not mutually exclusive.

This erotically-themed prompt book was compiled with the erotica writer in mind. A celebration for a Merry Month of Mast- well, read the Look Inside for more details.

It’s designed to encourage the erotica writer to set up a habit to write every day, to make the muse perform on demand, all to help service the pursuit of making money doing what the writer loves to do.


Or write erotica!

Each day for 31 days has its own, unique set of prompts. Set your timer for fifteen or twenty-five minutes, and and explore wherever the prompt takes you. Use it to inspire erotic musings and kickstart them into full-blown stories or smaller, sexy scenes in a larger body of work.

Much like taking your vitamins, set up the habit of writing every day, getting yourself in the erotica writing mindset to see the kinds of productivity to really launch an erotica writing career.


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