Irony came to slap me

If you got the email and have been following the indie writing news, KU has implemented a new payout structure for books in Select.

In a nutshell, this is going to suck so hardcore for short story erotica writers who capitalized on KU to catapult them into the financial stratosphere. Selena Kitt did a great takedown of the new payout. The New Kindle Unlimited – What It Means for Authors & Readers.

So it now falls to me to drop back and punt, looking to do a serious update to my first book, The No Bullsh*t Guide to Writing Erotica and Making Money.

I’m not really sure just how this is going to affect anything at this point, in regards to short story erotica writers making bank in KU. It’s going to affect them hard. Until we see the payout numbers in August, it’s difficult to make any predictions or know if any strategy is actually working or not.

Preliminary projections for payout can be found around the ‘net but it’s not looking good for short story erotica writers to stay in KU as their primary source of income. I know it will for me. I made good bank for a while but now it’s time to cut and come another way.

Maybe a guide on how to write a basic business plan is in order.

Stay tuned as more information is released and plans can be formulated and determined moving forward.


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