I believe in my product

I do.

So much so that I will be doing the challenged outlined in my No Bullsh*t Guide To Erotica Short Story Prompts (for 31 Days).

The question remaining…do I want to post them here or collect them and put them up on Amazon?

I guess the answer to that will be whether I decide how to tie the themes together. And how long they end up being.

Two days to decide.

*assumes Thinking Position*


Well color me surprised

The success, which I type with a little bit of chagrined embarrassment, I’ve received with this personal vanity project has me pleasantly surprised.

So surprised that I am working on two more books to go along in the series (possibly even more, if I can get my thoughts in order). More ‘stuff I wish I knew’ since I’m seeing I’m not the only one out there who ‘wish they knew’.

Thanks to any and all for buying The No Bullsh*t Guide to Writing Erotica and Making MoneyI hope it was helpful in your drive for writing success.