New Release #4 available for preorder now!

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The No Bullsh*t Guide To Writing Erotica on a Bootstrap Budget is the next installment in the series The No Bullsh*t Guide To Writing Erotica, as a how-to guide for someone wishing to write erotica but doesn’t have the money to spend on the perceived high-end items, programs and services they think are necessary to get into the erotica writing game.

The discerning writer fulfills their dream of writing erotica and erotic romance without laying out huge sums of cash. They just know where to look to get the tools they need.

The adage ‘you have to spend money to make money’ doesn’t tell the whole story. It’s misleading to the new writer to think they have to pay someone huge sums to see their naughty story in ebook form. Nothing could be further from the truth.

In this edition, I will point the writer to resources available to them for free (or for very minimal cost) to launch their erotica writing career.

I’ll cover key issues such as:

* what’s out there to help capture their information to get organized
* what word processing programs and services are available to them to get their stories written
* the plethora of editing programs and resources they can use to tighten their prose
* where to find the necessary tools (and stock images) to create sexy covers
* the current sellers, distributors and vendors who will take their naughty books and sell them

…all available to them for free or practically nothing to keep up with the demands of the voracious erotica reader and not bust their budget.

Now available for pre-order on Amazon!


Updated! The No Bullsh*t Guide to Writing Erotica and Making Money

The change is here.

On July 1, Amazon rolled out it’s new payout for books enrolled in their Kindle Unlimited program. It has changed some things on the self-publishing front, especially within the Amazon environment. Many erotica, erotic romance and romance writers of short stories have been left scrambling.

Since I discuss the efficacy and usefulness of Kindle Unlimited in an erotica writer’s career, some of my information in the first book was rendered out-of-date.

So an update was in order for my book, The No Bullsh*t Guide To Writing Erotica and Making Money.

I have completed those updates and now the newest version is available.

I’m not sure if the updated version has been pushed to Kindle owners yet who already own the book. I have an email in to them right now in and effort to figure that out. But if you find that it hasn’t been pushed to you yet, give them an email and request that they do.

In the meantime, here’s the link.

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It’s still available  in Kindle Unlimited on Amazon.

Irony came to slap me

If you got the email and have been following the indie writing news, KU has implemented a new payout structure for books in Select.

In a nutshell, this is going to suck so hardcore for short story erotica writers who capitalized on KU to catapult them into the financial stratosphere. Selena Kitt did a great takedown of the new payout. The New Kindle Unlimited – What It Means for Authors & Readers.

So it now falls to me to drop back and punt, looking to do a serious update to my first book, The No Bullsh*t Guide to Writing Erotica and Making Money.

I’m not really sure just how this is going to affect anything at this point, in regards to short story erotica writers making bank in KU. It’s going to affect them hard. Until we see the payout numbers in August, it’s difficult to make any predictions or know if any strategy is actually working or not.

Preliminary projections for payout can be found around the ‘net but it’s not looking good for short story erotica writers to stay in KU as their primary source of income. I know it will for me. I made good bank for a while but now it’s time to cut and come another way.

Maybe a guide on how to write a basic business plan is in order.

Stay tuned as more information is released and plans can be formulated and determined moving forward.