Updated! The No Bullsh*t Guide to Writing Erotica and Making Money

The change is here.

On July 1, Amazon rolled out it’s new payout for books enrolled in their Kindle Unlimited program. It has changed some things on the self-publishing front, especially within the Amazon environment. Many erotica, erotic romance and romance writers of short stories have been left scrambling.

Since I discuss the efficacy and usefulness of Kindle Unlimited in an erotica writer’s career, some of my information in the first book was rendered out-of-date.

So an update was in order for my book, The No Bullsh*t Guide To Writing Erotica and Making Money.

I have completed those updates and now the newest version is available.

I’m not sure if the updated version has been pushed to Kindle owners yet who already own the book. I have an email in to them right now in and effort to figure that out. But if you find that it hasn’t been pushed to you yet, give them an email and request that they do.

In the meantime, here’s the link.

final cover_redone

It’s still available ┬áin Kindle Unlimited on Amazon.